Hating Reclipsen and Missing the hubby

So I was up at 3:21am this morning after passing out at 7:30pm last night. I missed a Reclipsen pill (Reclipsen is a brand of BCP) on Monday so I took two yesterday and they proceeded to make me super sleepy and nauseous so I went to bed early.  Of course in my head I was all,  “Nausea? Exhaustion? Could I be pregnant? ” It’s the BCP you moron. Dr. Sher put me on Reclipsen in order to time this IVF cycle but that was before we got the DQa results that caused us to cancel the cycle. I was going to stop the BCP as soon as we canceled the cycle but I figured that would screw up my whole cycle so here we are.  And I’m still nauseous. And in going to bed early I missed the new ep of Real Housewives of NYC! I never realized what crappy tv is on in the middle of the night.  Nothing but infomercials and Roseanne reruns. The boring ones from the later seasons lol. I am really thankful tomorrow is the last pill.  My body doesn’t agree with the Reclipsen (tired,  nauseous, weight gain) so I can’t wait to have this out of my system.

It stinks sleeping without the hubby. He’s still traveling for work. He’s in Japan now,  a trip I was supposed to join him on. I was going to meet him when he got to Japan and assimilate to the time difference for like a day until he was finished working and then we’d explore Tokyo together for a few days.  Japan is one of his favorite cities and we’d been waiting for him to be sent there for work again so we could make a mini vaca out of it.  That is until we thought we were doing a May IVF cycle, at which point we decided against me joining him because of the hassle of traveling with injectables and needles.  Plus I was concerned the change in time/location would mess up my cycle.  But alas that’s all moot now. Anyhoo he comes back Friday and the plan is for me to pick him up at the airport and we are heading off to a long weekend out east to Long Island to spend time together and discuss next steps.  I can’t wait to see him!  As of Friday he’ll have been away 2 weeks, the longest he’s ever been gone.  The poor thing sounds exhausted and he keeps saying he doesn’t know how people do this kind of business travel on a more frequent basis. Usually it’s just domestic trips here and there for him and just for a day or two which is totally manageable. I will be glad when this project is over!


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