FET Update

So I ended up seeing my NYU doc last week.  Let me say, I was a little under the weather, so I wasn’t all there, but seriously walking into that room and looking at all those instruments felt so weird.  I definitely had thoughts of, “what the heck am i doing here again?” going through my head.  She did a saline ultrasound and found a polyp.  She said that if we were trying naturally that she wouldn’t give it a second thought, but since this was our last embryo, she’d want to cover all the bases.  OK, so we scheduled a hysteroscopy for the following week to remove the polyp.  She said that I would probably need to take estrogen after.  So already two things we didn’t want.  A procedure and drugs.  I ran up the block to do the pre testing bloodwork so I wouldn’t have to come back into the city before the hysteroscopy.  Then I headed over to banana republic to find a dress for a wedding we had coming up that weekend in Charleston.  Luckily I found something!  I hate shopping when my weight isn’t where I want it to be, but I was lucky enough to find a dress that fit.

Anyhoo, when talking to the hubby that night, we decided I would cancel the hysteroscopy.  It just wasn’t what we wanted.  We want to do a non-medicated, non-invasive transfer to the extent possible and this hysteroscopy did not seem necessary.  First off, the Dr. said that if we were trying naturally she wouldn’t tell us to remove it.  So then what are the odds that it will interfere with implantation? But second of all, I had a hysteroscopy last year, they removed all polyps, I even had the balloon in for a few days after to avoid scarring and you know what?  The transfer that followed was still a failure.  So as far as I’m concerned, these little issues are not the reason why we’re not getting pregnant.

There’s also another reason we cancelled the hysteroscopy. We don’t know if our remaining embryo is “normal.”  Although it was a “normal” PGD tested embryo, we want to have it retested using NGS, given that a friend had transferred PGD “normal” embryos at NYU and she ended up with chemical pregnancies after which, they retested using NGS and found them to not be normal.  So what is the point of me having a polyp removed unless we know that our embryo is ok to transfer?  So we are going to wait for those results before proceeding.

In other news, the bloodwork she did on me that day showed that my thyroid is well within normal range.  This is great news because the lupron, estrogen patches and the BCP destroyed my body’s own hormonal function and my thyroid was really sluggish to the point I was on thyroid medication.  I am glad after these many months that I’m back to normal on that front.  That’s another reason I want to avoid all drugs this time around.  I get it, I may have to do progesterone, and I would take whatever was necessary for us to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy, but if I’m taking estrogen and BCPs just to make their timing easier and require less monitoring, I will suck it up and just go to the city for monitoring every morning.  That is a no brainer trade off for me.





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