I’m Mrs. SFLB, 39 years old, born and bred and living in Brooklyn with my hubby, Mr. SFLB, 42.  Not sure if i want to keep this blog anonymous or not yet, so we’ll just stick with these acronyms for now.  We were married two years ago in March of 2013 after dating 6 months and being engaged for 4 months.  Hey, when you’ve been looking for each other forever, when it’s right, you just know.  We’re both attorneys, but neither of us practice formally any longer.  Since we dated for such a short period of time before getting married, we’d talk about having kids as an “in the future” sort of thing.  But something hit me on our honeymoon.  Like dude, you’re 40 and I’m 37, let’s get this baby show on the road.  Plus it was a glorious tropical setting perfect for making babies.  Except it wasn’t.  Given my history of endometriosis, once I got my period after our honeymoon, I decided to make a prophylactic appointment at NYU Fertility “just to make sure everything’s ok.”  Much to our surprise, the RE found a blocked tube on our first ultrasound.  Apparently it was full of fluid and had to go.  So we decided to seek out a Dr. who was a top notch surgeon but specialized in fertility.  In June 2013, I went under the knife with Dr. Kofinas who removed my right tube and some wayward endometriosis.  We were good to go to try on our own, but since I now only had one tube and not getting any younger, the recommendation was to do IVF.  We decided to go it on our own for a couple of months, but when we had no luck, we saw Dr. Jeff Wang at SIRM in NY.  He recommended IVF and off we went with the expectation that we’d be knocked up in short order.  HA!  During a saline ultrasound performed prior to egg retrieval, Dr. Wang discovered that I had polyps in my uterus and the recommendation was that they be removed via a hysteroscopy during egg retrieval and that we freeze any embryos and transfer later.  The retrieval went off without a hitch, we got 22 eggs, but decided not to ICSI all.  So we ended up with 4 blasts to freeze at the end of the day.  Since we were going to wait a month to transfer, I asked Dr. Wang if we could perform some of the immune tests they do since I had read on the SIRM website that endometriosis can cause Natural Killer cells to activate.  He agreed.  He tested me for NK cells and TH1/TH2 ratios.  He told me my results stated my NK cells were ok but the TH1/TH2 ratio indicated inflammation in my body.  So we decided to try to work on the inflammation by taking fish oils daily and changing my diet to remove inflammatory foods- no gluten, alcohol, nightshades, sugar, etc.  This was November 2013.  In January 2013, we retested and according to Dr. Wang, my TH1/TH2 ratio was better and we could go forward with transfer.  We transferred two, and failed.  In March 2013 we tried another FET with 2 more embryos and again failed.  Dr. Wang suggested I lacked integrin in my uterus and suggested I “restart” my uterus by doing lupron shots for 3 months.  We decided to change clinics and saw Dr. Matera in NYC.  We did stimulation with her, wound up with 3 blasts but this time decided to do PGD and ended up with 2 chromosomally normal blasts.  We froze the blasts and I had another hysteroscopy to remove polyps.  On Dr. Matera’s suggestion, we waited a few months to transfer in order for my uterus to fully heal and in October 2014, we transferred 1 PGD normal embryo.  Again, no pregnancy.  Which leads us to where we are now.  3 failed frozen transfers and one frozen PGD normal embryo left.  The only suggestion was to try again.  It was time for us to change clinics again and we decided to schedule a consult with Dr. Sher in Las Vegas.  During our consult he suggested that the results from the NK cell test performed at SIRM-NY indicated that I did in fact have activated Natural Killer cells and that my protocol should include steroids and intralipids.  He would also change my stimulation protocol as he suggested my LH levels were too high at the time of stimulation which resulted in too much testosterone, leading to poor egg quality.  I was fine with these changes, he suggested some more blood work and we were going to do an IVF cycle in May in his clinic in Vegas.  We were beyond excited.  I truly felt this was going to be it.  Until this Monday when his office forwarded the results of our immune test workup and apparently Mr. SFLB and are an absolute DQ alpha match.  According to Dr. Sher, this meant that my uterus would reject any embryo because of sameness and our only option was a gestational surrogate or donor sperm.  We were devastated.  I knew when I saw the results what they meant based on reading Dr. Sher’s blog but I figured surely he’d suggest some type of protocol to try.  But no.  He actually used the words, “not worth the effort.”   Don’t get me wrong, he was very apologetic that he had to deliver this news, but it still sucked harder than hard.  And that’s where we are now.  After searching online, I found Dr. Braverman in Long Island and Dr. Kwak Kim in Chicago don’t necessarily think that a DQa match is a deal breaker so we’re hoping to see them and see where we go from there…


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  1. I also waited a long time to meet Mr. Right. It sucks when we hold out and wait for that person and then have to deal with infertility too. Endometriosis is one of my problems too. I’ve also heard great things about Dr. Braverman. I hope he is able to help you. Although I hate that you have to write this story, I look forward to following your journey.


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